Create your account and get more customers, subscribers and likes!
Convert your account in 5 minutes
using a smartphone.

• Even a child can handle •
• If you do not like it, we will refund money•
Create your Instagram account and get more customers, subscribers and likes!
Convert your account in 5 minutes
using a smartphone.
• Even a child can handle •
•If you do not like it,
we will refund money •

You do not need Photoshop knowledge, everything is very fast and easy to set up in a free application on iOS or Android.

Instagram templates from 900 ₽

More items

Icons for story

More items

Photos of other services

We give to the template tools worth 10 000 ₽

Recommendations for account promotion
3 ready-made presets to improve the visual perception of your work
Step-by-step instructions for setting up ads on Instagram and VK
Professional analysis of your Instagram account
#Beauty-related hashtags database to increase your reach
Ready content plan for 30 days for beauty masters

6 reasons to buy our template

Easily converts your account.
Replacing a photo and designing the entire post takes no more than 2-3 minutes in a free application for iOS or Android. Photoshop or a computer you do not need.
Save time and money
Most designers do not know exactly what to offer you and often their price is very overpriced.
Increase customer confidence
In our experience of promoting accounts in the beat sphere, professionally designed accounts increase the number of customer records from 12 to 15% in the first month of using the template.
Free analysis of your account.
Помимо шаблона вы сможете получить от нас разбор вашего аккаунта в бесплатной консультации специалиста по продвижению инстаграм в бьюти сфере.
Gifts for each set
When you purchase a template, you will receive: FREE 5 useful tools for your profile.
Selling design
Consultations with experienced masters in the beauty field allowed us to create sets of templates that in practice have proved their effectiveness due to a thoughtful structure and stylish design.
I will have a template like everyone else?
There are more than 1 million Beauty accounts on Instagram, and the competitors are likely to see a template like meeting a dinosaur on the street - 50/50. Either meet it or not.
What if you throw me?
You have nothing to worry about!
Write to us at Vatsapp and we will send you the whole set of templates with gifts without prepayment, and how to get it calmly pay on the site.
How will you promote?
In order to start the promotion, we will ask you to fill out a short brief. After that, we will launch a promotion, which will be a mutual subscription to the clients of your competitors.
This method is absolutely safe for your account and will not cause any locks. The very next day you will see how your subscribers begin to grow and become your customers.
What if I don't figure out how to install the templates?
We always provide step-by-step instructions on how to use our templates, and you can also always contact our support team.
Want to work with me?
Do you have any other questions?
Write me now
Write us on WhatsApp or on Instagram direct
If you didn't receive a link to download the template, check the spam folder!

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